Posted by: Gina Idea | April 4, 2011

Writing about Daong River

I had the chance to write about this river in Tanay, Rizal in 2010. I got there via a motorcycle ride with Bento, the photographer, from the town proper. It was my first time to ride a motorcycle. My mom never allowed us to ride one, but Bento said it was the easiest way. It turned out to be fun!

Anyway, the entrance to the river was just a few minutes away. The weather was perfect. Bento parked his motorcycle then we walked towards the river. At the entrance stood a house where fees are collected. I took the chance to do a little interview about Daong River.

After being blessed by cold glasses of water, Bento and I walked along. The river was still a bit far from where we were.

We had to go down several steps to get to the river. It was a good thing that the steps were already cemented. This was supposedly part of the development work for the river.

Upon reaching the area, we saw families spending time at the picnic areas. They were eating maluto or packed lunch under the shades of trees.

And then there was the river. It was beautiful even though Ondoy had thrown boulders into it.

I started interviewing people, listening to the water flowing and leaves rustling, and soaking my feet on the warm freshwater.

After a few minutes, Bento and I started heading back to the town proper. And before we parted ways, we treated ourselves to some ice cream from Ice Cream House. Great way to end that cool trip!

To read the complete article about the river, please click this link. Hope you can visit Tanay! 🙂



  1. thank you for sharing… Beautiful river… Scene is so peaceful… =)

    • Beautiful and peaceful indeed. Thank you, T.Ivy! I would like to tour your shoe factory sometime. 🙂

  2. What an interesting place in Tanay. Hope I can get to Manila this year, and perhaps visit this river. Thank you for posting. You have a lovely blog, as lovely as your face. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

    • Thanks. Great blog too!

      • gina baka gusto mo naman pumunta ng cebu for sure may masusulat ka naman dito para magkakita naman tayo noh..:) keep up the good work and god bless

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