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Hawaiian Party in Hardin ni Tita, Calamba, Laguna

It’s my cousin’s 18th birthday last December 16, 2009 and we celebrated it in a beautiful private resort in Laguna called Hardin ni Tita. To get here from Manila, my sister and I took a Sta.Cruz-bound HM Transport bus in Cubao and got off near Jetti Gas Station in Pansol then rode a tricycle to get to the place along Bagong Kalsada St.  My sister and I hurt our arms because we were carrying 2 large Tupperware bowls containing coffee jelly with brandy that my sister made as requested by Natasha, the debutante.  We arrived at around 6:30, still early for the 8pm party.  The garden and pool were all dressed up but the rains forced us to hold the party inside the house.  Still, it was wonderful.  Thank God!

The theme of the debut party is Summer in December. Days before this, Tash was having her exams.  I’m so amazed at how she was able to organize the party!  Praise God for excellence in both endeavors!

The celebration took place on the 21st when most of the guests are free.  It is also closer to Natasha’s dad’s birthday who already passed on.  We miss you, Uncle Vito!  It would have been really more exciting if you were here!

The first person I saw when we arrived was my mom who was already busy setting up the place.  I so thank God for my mom.  She always does such things excellently that I sometimes took her acts for granted.  Thank you mommy!

When we arrived, Tash was already in one of the rooms doing her make-up.  Make-up is one of the things I love and so I insisted to help her.  I thought about this moment and realized how God makes me happy in little things.  I have always known that parties and other big occasions need to have an official make-up artist, an expert in the field, until I was reminded that doing such things myself can be priceless.  It’s an opportunity to bond with people and to be happy with something that I am passionate about.

Since Tash had already put on some make-up, I just put a little more and blended the shades.  Oh by the way, I love her dress!  It was simple yet very fitting!  Good choice, Tash!  And her headband — it’s perfect.  I found out my mom made it.  Galing-galing naman ni mommy! 🙂

While waiting for our other cousins who were still in Los Baños and for Tash’s classmates and friends, we took pictures!

The house is nice.  You can rent the whole place for less than 20,000 for half a day.

Here’s a shot of Tash and her cake which my mom made too.

Tash with my mom and dad

Eventually, the guests started to arrive.  The program began with a prayer and a song from the band.  Thanks to Tita Elsa who brough her instruments all the way from Lucena!

Before going through the traditional 18’s, we had dinner first.

Thank you to everyone who prepared!

With my cousins (Shaula, Carlos, Shania, my sister Kathy, Calvin)

More cousins! (Mean, my brother’s girlfriend, Stef, my sister Kim, Erika and Aiko)

With my brother JP

After dinner, we moved on to the 18 Kisses part, something like the  18 Roses.  Instead of roses, guests were asked to give Tash a message and a kiss. 🙂

Afterwards, another set of 18 guests gave blue gifts to Tash.

One of her friends gave her a pair of blue contact lenses!  After this, the crowd took a break from all the mushy speeches and celebrated by dancing!

The debutante with my mom and her sisters, Tita Mabel, Tita Elsa and Tita Didith

After a while, we resumed our program with 18 Toasts with the coffee jelly that my sister made.  The most memorable were toasts were that of Tash’s mom and brother.  Sabel, Tash’s sister, had work. 😦

The program ended with the cutting of the cake and the reading of fortunes.  Swimming and videoke followed after.

Everyone had so much fun!  Thank God for family and friends!

Tash’s classmates.  Thank you CJ for my hair! 🙂

Tash’s friends

And so that’s another family gathering that I can’t miss.  This year, 2009, God gave me a fresh reminder of how important my family and relatives are, how He loves them so much and how He died so that they may have a right relationship with Him.  Yes, I remember the many flaws, problems and hardships that my family went through but I remember more how God remained faithful through them all.  He changed our hearts more than He changed our circumstances.  All praises to the Father!  Through thick and thin, mabuhay Abadicio-Raagas!  🙂

* Natasha Glenda Modesto is a scholar and a consistent Dean’s Lister.  More than being smart and pretty, I’ve known my cousin to be a very sweet and jolly girl.  Happy Happy Birthday again Tash!



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